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Islamic Domination

Why Many Are Afraid of the Muslims

Acid Torture

Islam is the Problem and We're Still in Denial

Jonathan Gruber

Are Americans "Stupid"?


Part IIb: The Immorality of Homosexuality: Gibeah

Part IIa: The Immorality of Homosexuality: Levitical Law

Part II: The Immorality of Homosexuality: Sodom & Gomorrah

Part III: The Immorality of Homosexuality: Jesus on Marriage & Divorce

Atheism: The Case Against God

The Atheist's Teeny-Tiny Naturalistic Straw Man



Barak Obama: The Islamic State's Best Friend

Megyn Kelly-James Mitchell Interview

Kelly-Mitchell Interview

On December 15, 2014, FOX News Host Megyn Kelly interviewed Dr. James Mitchell on his role assisting the CIA and the interrogation methods they employed against Muslim terrorists after 9/11.

6. Jesus is not God's Son

A Video Rebuttal of the Muslim Argument Against Jesus' Deity


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