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Atheism: The Case Against God

The Atheist's Teeny-Tiny Naturalistic Straw Man



Barak Obama: The Islamic State's Best Friend


Red Flag Warning

Atheism: The Belief of Convenience



The Atheist: Quintessential Relativist & Sociopath?



Why the Atheist Just Can't "Get It"


Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge: Raising Awareness or Simply a Big Rip-off?


James Foley

What Really Happened to James Foley?


Biblical Forgiveness

Biblical Forgiveness Versus Mormon Forgiveness


Robin Williams

Robin Williams, Michael Brown, and James Foley


God's Remedy for Church Sin

Why Many Evangelical Churches are Failing: The Remedy


Empty Church

Why Many Evangelical Churches are Failing


Dinesh D'Souza

Costco? D'Souza? Controversy or Simply Making a Buck?


Play Doh Jesus

Why the Biblical Jesus is an Offense to Non-Christian World Religions


Mormon Jesus and his twin

Why the Biblical Jesus is an Offense to Cultists


Crucify Jesus

Why the Biblical Jesus is an Offense to "Christians"


Apathy: America's #1 Enemy

The #1 Enemy That WILL Bring America Down


Atheism Defined

Is Atheism a Religion?

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